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The fourth edition of the only Deep Tech event in Eastern Europe will take place virtually on May 13th -14th

Codiax, the only event in Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to the Deep Tech phenomenon, presents the latest discoveries and innovations in the industry, ensuring access to top international speakers and their successful examples.

Who will join the Codiax 2021 scene?

The fourth edition of the event will take place on the Hopin virtual platform and will present new perspectives from Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Frontier Hardware, IoT and Blockchain, highlighting current methods of understanding the latest technologies. Being a niche event, with applied learning experience, participation in Codiax is limited to 500 enthusiasts from Romania and internationally, mainly software architects, product developers, software engineers, CTOs or vice presidents in technology.

And this year, on the Codiax stage, international names will gather, among which representatives of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ML6, Overstory, Hello Tomorrow, Evidently.AI, Fortune 500 or Uizard.

We invite you to follow Laura Kerber, a research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory with interests in physical volcanology, aeolian geomorphology, wind over complex surfaces, the ancient Martian climate, Tony Beltramelli — co-founder and CEO of Uizard, our first speaker of this edition shortlisted in Forbes 30 under 30, Gema Parreno – Lead Data Scientist at Apium, who will share with us the direction of video game development and the growing presence of machine learning in our lives, Dr. Lobna Karoui – Artificial Intelligence Trust Builder, who will share the results of researchers related to artificial intelligence, Matthias Fey – CTO at ML6 shows us why technology innovations are important and what their benefits are, as well as Emeli Dral – co-founder and CTO at Evidently AI who will share her experience on tool development for analyzing and monitoring the performance of machine learning models, and Roelof Pieters – CTO and co-founder of Overstory will address topics such as data science and tech, combining AI, satellite imagery and the power of computers.

Codiax is a niche event of Techsylvania, one of the largest technology events in Eastern Europe, which takes place for the first time this year on the virtual event platform Hopin, and which brings together over 5,000 IT and non-IT specialists from around the world. the world. 

Vlad Ciurca, co-founder of Techsylvania and Codiax, said: “Romania has more engineers per capita than the USA, India, China or Russia (~ 120k people working in IT) and excellent talent, but when it comes to focus on newer technologies, there is still a gap. That is why we are looking to fill this knowledge gap with an event dedicated to deep technology and all its related subcategories. ”

Tickets can be purchased at

Supporters of Codiax 2021: Superbet, Telenav, Macadamian, Accenture, Endava, Metro Systems, 3SS.


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