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Telemedicine Technology: Blessing in Disguise

Blessing in Disguise Telemedicine Technology

In the current day, scenario telemedicine is the ace technology to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. The technology dates to the 1950s and initially started as a teleradiology system. The technology was a breakthrough to reach remote patients now, it has a new outlook altogether.

With the pandemic taking a ride around the globe, Telemedicine is just need of the hour. Telemedicine in-turn relates to telehealth helps in treating patients via emails and telecommunication and avoids physical contact with the patient to provide better medical aid. 

The method was developed to reach the deprived, with the best medical aid is now the actual trendsetter in medical science. With the technology being at the fingertip and people having access to the vast medical knowledge, it’s much convenient to reach people and make them understand the symptoms and solutions. Graphics and animated depictions might be an add-on in making things appealing and easier to understand.

There is a huge scope for Telemedicine in the times ahead and, it is inevitable, a field that would grow in no time. A well-developed application of Telemedicine hitting the market must have an option for Teleradiology, Telecardiology, Teledermatology, and many such fields. As it is people are well versed these days in measuring the blood pressure, diabetes, or hitting an insulin injection. 

During the tough times, as it is currently, the elderly who are immobilized and are dealing with health ailments will be the ones who benefited the most. Reaching out to these should be the priority. Also, during the outbreak of a pandemic. Telemedicine is the best and safe source to treat and guide people. Technology also comes with its cons. And that can not be ignored as well. With the application being handy patients might opt for self-medication frequently which might have a huge impact on their health. Also, a doctor available over the application might not have the entire case history of the patient and that is a setback when one wants to treat the patient in the first shot. 

The one going to hit the market with the Telemedicine Technology needs to put up with certain guidelines. A Registered Medical Practitioner is a must and, one can not go about with just software and drive the application. Nations putting up with the Telemedicine technology is driven by its own legislative and non-legislative policies. The purpose of imposing the guidelines is basically to provide very safe and effective medical care. Also to keep the practitioners updated with modern technology and its application in treating the patients. The guidelines monitor the privacy of the patient database as well to keep up the confidentiality of the case study. Guidelines will help the practitioner to abide by the standard medicines and also deal with only the level one case.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity”. It is time to serve Humanity with TELEMEDICINE.


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