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John Herr


The construction industry faces a unique set of HR challenges including a shortage of qualified candidates to fill open positions, high employee turnover, day-to-day safety concerns and the complexity of complying with myriad employment and labor laws.

As an HR technology company, Arcoro offers solutions that help construction companies address these specific issues effectively including hiring, managing and growing a workforce.

There are a variety of HR technology solutions on the market today, but Arcoro is the only one specially designed for the construction industry. The company leverages its knowledge of the industry, the input of its customers, and feedback from its relationships with industry associations to consistently develop new functionality and features that work in the field and support the back office.

Arcoro offers a suite of HR modules that work together but doesn’t require a customer to buy them all. This works well for construction because this industry hasn’t been an early adopter of HR tech. A company can pick and choose what works for them and build on that over time as their business grows and needs change. This lets companies adopt technology at their own pace.

The company is deeply embedded in the construction technology ecosystem and has established integrations with other premier con-tech solutions like Procore, Sage, CMiC and Acumatica, among many others. Arcoro’s strategic third-party partners are also construction focused.

Finding, Retaining and Cultivating Employees

Lack of both entry-level and skilled employees is endemic in construction. While other industries have faced short-term challenges finding employees, this has been the industry’s reality for several decades. That’s why Arcoro’s solutions are designed to help construction and contracting companies effectively find, hire, manage and develop those scarce employees.

Solutions include an applicant tracking system linked to construction-specific job boards and that has features that make it easy for field-based employees to apply for positions. The system also enables companies to build a talent pipeline to prepare for upcoming openings, and it facilitates communication between key stakeholders in the hiring process.

The onboarding module allows companies to get new employees up-to-speed quickly, including in the field. And all data from the onboarding module is shared with the Core HR module to ensure a single database of HR and employee information.

For companies involved in government contracting work, optional services and functionality helps with compliance with EEOC and OFCCP reporting and compliance.

The Importance of Compliance for Construction

Construction is governed by a complex and ever-changing set rules and regulations, both on the federal and state level. This can make managing a workforce risky and potentially costly if companies run afoul of certain requirements such as those associated with accurate pay, overtimes rules, safety requirements and diversity recruiting for government contractors. Arcoro’s modules have baked-in functionality to address compliance needs, and the company also partners with select third parties to give customers an extra layer of legal and compliance coverage.

For example, their time tracking solution—ExakTime—ensures the accurate recordkeeping required to adhere to FLSA rules. But it also has functionality for customers to track time by type of work and manage the overtime calculations for prevailing wage projects. It even tracks state-mandated meal breaks. The applicant tracking solution can help clients track their EEOC requirements in concert with Arcoro’s strategic DEI partner. Arcoro also has a partner that provides the OSHA-certified trainings delivered and tracked through their learning management module. It offers an in-the-field safety module to help companies better manage requirements like toolbox talks and incident reporting.

For extra peace of mind, all Arcoro’s contracts include access to the services of a legal consultant with construction expertise. 

Addressing the Challenge of Accurate Time Tracking

For many construction companies, the weekly payroll process is rife with opportunities for mistakes, inaccuracies, and wasted time and effort. Using paper timecards or spreadsheets means they are relying on employees’ memory of the hours worked, potentially deciphering handwriting and even driving around to collect information. That all gets keyed in, which takes time and can lead to errors.

When you have inaccurate data going in, your payroll isn’t accurate. Even if a company uses spreadsheets, they still have to transfer information to a payroll or accounting partner or system. This is much easier and more accurate when tracking hours in real time with a digital solution. When employees clock in and out each day they don’t have to remember their hours and neither do their supervisors. All data is saved automatically in the cloud and can be automatically transferred to one of over 90 construction payroll solutions including CMiC, Sage, Vista and Acumatica. Customers can save hours each week on the payroll process when they switch to ExakTime.

Building the Future

Many construction companies are still doing things manually with paper or spreadsheets. So, one often hears about how long it takes to do payroll, or how manual annual benefits enrollment is, or how much time it takes to post each job opening to job boards. Arcoro is often a company’s first foray into automating day-to-day workforce management processes like time tracking.  After implementing an Arcoro solution or set of modules, clients relate how much time they are saving and how it’s opened up space to do other work.

That was the case with both Conductix-Wampfler and ATMAC Mechanicals. The case study of ATMAC Mechanicals highlights how the mechanical contractor was able to streamline their HR processes and improve their workforce management with the help of Arcoro’s modular HR software. The software helped ATMAC Mechanicals automate their HR processes, onboard new employees seamlessly, and ensure HR compliance.

It is pertinent to mention that Arcoro services construction and contracting companies throughout North America with its HR and workforce management modules. This will remain the company’s focus going forward. Their continued goal over the next few years is to help transform HR for construction by doubling down on their modules designed to hire, manage, and grow the construction workforce. They will continue to invest in product enhancement, key integrations, strategic third-party partnerships, and support of industry associations.

“We aren’t trying to be all things to all industries; our main and only focus is construction and contracting and effectively meeting the needs of these unique employers,” says John Herr, CEO of Arcoro, who has built a deeply experienced and focused leadership team that’s fully aligned with the company’s purpose and direction.

Under his leadership, a renewed commitment to product development has helped Arcoro move more enhancements to market faster. He guides the strategic discipline that strengthens the health of the company while increasing the company’s ability to serve long-standing customers while attracting new ones. This includes increased attention to company culture, which helps the company hire and retain the great employees who design and deliver their products.

“It’s an amazing time to be supporting the construction industry. It’s such a vital part of the economy and there’s so much opportunity for growth and success, especially as work begins on vital infrastructure and large-scale manufacturing projects across the country,” explains John. “The catch-22 is the amount of work available coupled with ongoing workforce challenges. We are gratified that we software solutions can help the industry address and overcome some of the challenges by transforming how they do HR, moving to more automation to increase accuracy, saving time and enhancing the productivity of the workforce.”

" We aren’t trying to be all things to all industries; our main and only focus is construction and contracting and effectively meeting the needs of these unique employers. "

John Herr


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