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AI for Cybersecurity

AI for Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence has shown incredible potential in countless applications and has simplified today’s life seamlessly. It has already been proven that it has unlimited potential in different applications and industries. While maintaining its imperative and optimistic potential, AI further advances its way through cybersecurity ​​to help protect organizations from existing cyber threats and identify newer types of malware.


 In this world of cyber threats, in which antivirus software and firewalls are taken as antiquity tools, companies are now looking for more advanced technological means to protect their data, confidential and sensitive information. This is where AI comes in to offer protection against digital threats around the world.


Gaining popularity in the military field of security sectors, every organization today combines AI technology in its business. Security companies use this technology to detect similarities and changes in the data set. Several companies are even merging and investing in other companies to increase their portfolio of cybersecurity products. In such companies, Microsoft is one of those companies that invests $1 billion in AI-based companies such as Open AI.


Cybersecurity systems that have AI can help ensure adequate security standards. It can also help create better prevention and recovery strategies. Using AI for cybersecurity can also lead to data-driven security models. Applying AI to cybersecurity systems can provide several opportunities for businesses to protect their systems that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. For instance, integrating AI into biometric login systems can scan fingerprints, retinas, and palm prints for secure entries.


When you talk about malware and threats, AI can detect malicious activities using several data sets that include algorithms and codes. Systems optimized for artificial intelligence can automatically collect data by scanning articles, surveys, reports, and news about cyber threats and select valuable data using Natural Language Processing. It can also help create a dynamic real-time global authentication framework for converting location or network access privileges.


The potential of AI when it comes to military needs is huge. According to reports, only three countries—the United States, Russia, and China—are developing heavy military equipment with AI technology, which promises a military advantage in the country’s defense capabilities.


Developers are increasingly adapting to predict better the next steps of malicious actors and their new attack vectors. This fact predicts that the future effect of these applications will double in the coming years. About 60% of companies are more concerned about using AI technology, saying that they will not be able to detect violations today without the use of AI technology.


However, relying entirely on AI technology may not be such a good idea, as products that use AIML are set to be implemented as a defense strategy. There will be a chance that IT professionals and employees will be lulled to sleep in a false sense of security. Artificial intelligence solutions are currently being tested, so in the future, it will need some modern tracking capabilities to ensure that it performs the productive tasks it needs to perform, not destroy.

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