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AI can help analyze how the brain processes sentences

AI can help analyze how the brain processes sentences

Artificial Intelligence has always paved the way for brighter futures and vast opportunities, along with understanding and interpretation of a specific goal with judgment, planning, and creativity. AI has exhibited a whole new world where anything can be achieved, as long as you dream of it. And with the help of AI, we might be able to analyze and interpret how our brain processes sentences.

New research linking Neuroimaging and AI has been introduced by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center by drawing a complex network in the brain that perceives the meaning of the sentences spoken. It’s fascinating to wonder why and how humans can hear a sentence, understand its meaning, and give back a response. A sentence can have many word placings that may or may not change its meaning in its entirety. For example, I take Mia for a walk, and she takes me. Word shifts can make all the difference, and AI might be able to interpret this.

Research shows that the application of artificial neural networks or artificial intelligence allows researchers to unblock extremely complex signaling in the brain that has language processing functions.

For this study, the brain activity data was first collected by an fMRI. The scans showed that the brain activity extends through a network of different regions – the lower parietal cortex, the temporal and anterior lobes, and the lower frontal cortex.

Facebook has developed an AI model called InferSent to create a unified semantic representation of sentences. With the help of this model, researchers were able to predict patterns of fMRI activity that show the encoding of sentences in brain regions. New evidence shows that contextualized semantic descriptions are encoded during a common language network, not in a specific part of the brain.

Researchers are interested in predicting brain activity because language is produced along with the work of predicting brain activity while people utter sentences. AI can help us quickly understand the human mind and body with the conventional use of technology and innovation. Now, researchers are working on methods to try to understand how comprehending language breaks down in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

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