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A Pioneer in Branding and Graphic Design Services | Paul Gill

A Pioneer in Branding and Graphic Design Services | Paul Gill

Paul Gill


Paul Gill, CEO, Gillgraphics, is ambitious and not afraid of a challenge and has succeeded in building up his own company up from scratch. Early on, Paul realized that to shy away from a potential opportunity is to fail before one has even begun. With that said, how one responds to failure also makes a huge difference. “I have faced failure several times in my past endeavours, however, have always picked myself up and worked hard to push through any obstacles in my way. A surprising consequence to this resilience has been that it has enabled me to empathise and relate to my clients much more easily,” says Paul proudly. “I always strive to be forward thinking and passionate about what I do, and understand that attention to detail is key. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to my clients and their business goals, and have a creative team who work hard to support me and my clients. As a result, I am highly motivated to stay ahead of the industry and, during my down time, you’ll often find me researching the latest design and marketing techniques.”

Gillgraphics is offering full Branding and Graphic Design services to ensure the client’s company stands out, including Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads. According to Paul, the look and feel of a company are paramount to its success—the graphics and branding must match the atmosphere, emotions, vision, and values of the company itself. 

“To help ensure we get this right, we spend a lot of time interviewing each new business to home in on the reasons they started and the goals for their company; we also intensively research their competitors, thereby allowing us to see any gaps in the market to ensure they stand out from the crowd,” explains Paul.

Researching the latest trends and design techniques is also important to ensure they are at the cutting edge of the current trends. “By working collaboratively with my clients, fulfilling their design needs and enlisting the latest print materials we can ensure they pierce through the competition and retain sales.”

The company is always training clients on the key elements to succeed digitally, especially in SEO, social media training, digital marketing, email marketing, and eCommerce training. By learning and understanding these marketing techniques, the clients feel confident to progress online and launch their companies forward in an ever-growing digital world. With over a decade in the digital marketing industry, Gillgraphics has firmly established itself amongst many of the best agencies in the UK. “Although we have progressed in size and welcomed hundreds of clients into our family, with more being introduced each year, we have always kept to our personalised service motto—providing a 1:1 tailored service to each and every individual client,” adds Paul.

Over the past few years, Gillgraphics has introduced and operated retainer style services to ensure they are always in contact and, therefore, when the clients need them the most; this also ensures that their online brand and functionality are strong and secure in both design and web functionality. Keeping everything in-house—design, hosting, marketing, print, and web development— Gillgraphics can keep a close eye on the quality of work, thereby ensuring their standards remain high. “Most of our retainers are tailored packages and services bespoke to our clients’ needs, and we ensure they are all competitively priced to fit their budgets as we understand from personal experience that cash flow and expenditures budgeting are key factors to a business’ growth. I have found that the key is to be personable, hands on and to meet/engage directly with my clients,” says Paul.

Over the years, Paul has met and helped a wide range of clients for many situations, but a recent example is for a longstanding client who is a well-established and well-known pub chain that has faced the recent difficult Covid-19 situation and closures. To ensure they hit back stronger than ever, Gillgraphics re-branded the company, updated and re-designed all websites and UI experience, and revolutionized their advertising materials and social media presence in anticipation of their reopenings. Gillgraphics hit strong with launch offers and advertising for their beer gardens and outside space by implementing a heavy social media campaign. In addition, email campaigns were put into place to contact previous customers, adhering to all the latest data protection laws. They also helped ensure they facilitated social distancing guidelines using contactless bookings, safety signage, and sign-in forms.

One of Gillgraphics biggest achievements has been to provide everything in-house that a growing company may need, including marketing, web development, web hosting, print, and social media. Paul started as a lone wolf web designer in the spare room, forced to rely on outsourcing a large portion of the company’s services due to a lack of time, resources, and equipment. Today Gillgraphics can offer all the services a company will need, whether from first starting up or mass domination, from thinking up the initial business name and domain registration to online stores, global marketing, promotional materials, and much more.

One of the revolutionary aspects the company is bringing within the next few years is to create a ‘GillGraphics Family’—a large online database and referral hub to collaborate with all their clients all around the UK and enable them to communicate and share referrals between themselves. Paul hopes this will encourage and help them grow their businesses with the help and support of each other. In addition, Gillgraphics recently acquired a nationwide hosting company. This enables them to provide more focused and controlled web hosting and customer support for all their clients who hold web hosting services with them. “This purchase has also enabled us to increase our client base by 50% with companies of all sizes around the UK and opens up our vast range of skills and services to them. We are looking forward to working with these companies shortly and helping to grow their companies as we have ours over the last decade. There are exciting times ahead for all within GillGraphics and our client family!” adds Paul.


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Paul Gill


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